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How to Be a Good Student

Way to be a good student

Make your classes your highest priority.Ask questions immediately if you don’t understand
something.If you’ve got children, I understand that this isn’t always possible.
It really is possible to raise children while you’re going to school.
Do your homework. Read the assigned pages, and then some.When you’re ready to study for a test, you’ll
have a practise test. You can easily adopt the qualities of a good student.

qualities of good student

Good students also have good relationships with their teachers.their teachers know they are serious about learning.
Goopd student pay attention in class. They ask and answer questions. They don’t have to waste time trying to find
something they need.You also don’t have to be super smart.Be on time for class!
Always attend the first class meeting! This lets you know what the teacher is like and what is expected of you.
If you do have to miss a class, always call a classmate to find out what you missed.