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How To Use Android In Bangladesh

How To Use Android In Bangladesh

Android is a relatively new mobile operating system, and if you’re not a tech whizz then getting to grips with all of Google Android’s features can be a bit of a daunting task. Don’t worry though, because here’s our beginner’s guide on how to use an Android smartphone.We’ll start with the basics such as making a call, sending a text or email and taking a photo, and we’ll work our way up to more advanced stuff like finding and installing apps, navigating using Google Maps, listening to music, and watching videos.Before you can use your new phone you’ll need to enter a few details and choose some settings. This is easy. You’ll be asked to choose your language and select your home Wi-Fi connection so that you won’t pay to use data over the mobile phone network (3G) when you’re at home.For all the solution of android operating system coming soon on How To Use Android In Bangladesh

How To Use Android In Bangladesh

When the phone is within range of the Wi-Fi network, it will automatically switch from mobile data to use your wireless broadband connection instead.
Throughout the procedure, if you’re unsure about something just accept the default since you can always change these settings later.
To make you phone unique, how about picking a new wallpaper? Just hold your finger on the current wallpaper for a second and, when ‘choose wallpaper from’ appears, touch ‘Wallpaper’. Drag across the options at the bottom to see full-sized previews and, when you’ve made your choice, touch ‘Set wallpaper’.Another aspect of customisation is putting frequently used apps on your home screen. Initially just a handful of commonly used apps will be on your home screen but, to add more, touch the apps icon (the circle with the six squares inside) and hold your finger on any apps you want to appear on your home screen.

How To Use Android In Bangladesh
How To Use Android In Bangladesh

Send a Text Message:

To send a text message, touch the Messaging icon which is the square green smiley face at the bottom of your home page. Initially no conversations will be display so tap the icon at the bottom left that looks like a piece of paper with a plus sign.
A blank message and a QWERTY keyboard will appear – rotate the screen through ninety degrees if you want a larger keyboard.
Initially the cursor will be in the ‘To’ area so start typing a name and all the contacts in your address book that start what you’ve typed so far will be shown. Make your choice by touching the appropriate contact.
Add other contacts in just the same way if you want. Now type your message, tapping on ‘Send’ when you’re done.

How To Use Android In Bangladesh

Select, Edit, Copy and Paste:

Just as selecting, editing, copying and pasting text are invaluable techniques on a PC, these are also actions that you’ll find useful in Android. To make a selection, touch the text for a second and a word will be highlighted in blue. To change the selection, drag the blue pointers at the start and end to highlight more or less text. Whenever text is selected on screen, the copy icon (two pieces of paper) will appear – tap it to copy the selection text to the clipboard.
If you’re in an application where editing is permitted, for example while composing a text or email, several other options are available. For a start, when you select text, in addition to copying you can cut the selected text using the cut icon (a piece of paper and scissors) or replace it with the text in the clipboard using the paste icon (a clipboard). In addition, if you only touch the text briefly the cursor will appear at that point (and you can move it using the blue pointer), allowing you to insert text from the keyboard, or the clipboard, or delete text.for more details early coming on page How To Use Android In Bangladesh.

How To Use Android In Bangladesh

Take a Photo or Video:

The Moto G has a both a main and a front-facing camera, but the process is virtually the same with all Android phones. Some, though, have a dedicated camera button which launches the app and can be used to take photos or videos.
If there’s no such button, such as on the Moto G, touch the camera icon at the bottom-right corner of the home screen. The screen will show a preview and tapping anywhere on the screen will take a photo. Alternatively, to capture a video, touch the video camera icon at the bottom right. Recording will start and a timer will appear at the top left. To stop recording press the icon at the bottom right that will have changed to a square in a circle.


To see your photos and videos while in the camera app, touch the right hand edge of the screen and drag to the left. Swipe left and right to move between your photos and/or videos, touching a video if you want to play it. The camera also has various options that you can select by dragging right from the left hand edge of the screen. We’ll leave you to try these out. You can view your photos later using the Gallery app.
Stay close with this page How To Use Android In Bangladesh for more and more update about your android system.