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Human Survival and our responsibilities

How to survive on the Earth is a very important question now.We all should concern about human survival. Our future generation must be protected,but how? Answer is not short at all. we should follow the Nature’s Law. we should follow many rules of life.We know that sound mind lives in sound body .We must learn how to keep sound health . We should take proper food to keep sound health. Proper food means such kind of food items which contain disease-protecting power and give strength for working well as a human being but not an animal.we ought to act according to the Nature’s Law. Save the Nature.Not to hurt Nature as it is powerful.Nature can react very powerfully. Human beings can’t protect the power of Nature. We are helpless to the power of Nature. Human Survival not Easy Is it easy ? Answer is no. Medical science has invented a lot of medicines. For this, the longivity of human beings has been prolonged. But medical science must not ensure human survival on the Earth. What we should do for human survival We should follow the Laws of Supreme Soul. All the objects in Nature are related to each other , and Nature is in the blessings of the Supreme Soul , it is true – Believes and says he who has known the most secret. We are under the influences of the Supreme Soul. So, we should follow the rules of Nature and the Supreme Power of the Supreme Soul in our life . Even we must be aware of taking proper food following the Nature’s rule.Think and do. We should follow the laws of Nature and the Supreme Soul for human survival.