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Prospect of Chemical Engineering in Bangladesh


Now a days prospect of chemical engineering in Bangladesh
are broad and wide.Every place we are found the existence of chemical engineering.
Chemical engineering is an interesting department.In our country there are some University where the department are open for study of chemical engineering.
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Recently prospect of chemical engineering in Bangladesh are familiar in our country.Because chemical engineer’s are more researching about various things.They are researching how the production of a chemical industry are increased by using low amount of raw materials.They are researching on sugar industry where they are using their byproduct from sugarcane as a fuel as well as electricity.As a result the cost of this industry are lowered day by day.
If we see at medicine,chemical engineer are discover various important medicine for human body.They are continuously research on various dangerous disease and they become successful.Chemical engineer’s are create some wonderful creations.
As our country are very poor country,so there are some problem for project of chemical engineering in Bangladesh.In our University there are shortage of laboratory and chemical reagent.There are only very few number of institute where chemical engineering study are limited.Moreover after completing study they don’t get enough facilities.So this isn’t good news for us.